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Sound Doctrine

with Jeff Johnson
Suffering God's Way Part 1 Wednesday, April 28, 2021
Someone has said “if you’re going through a difficult time keep going. Even the darkest hour still has only sixty minutes.”  It’s easier said than done. And not to trivialize any suffering you’re facing but our aim is only to reassure you there’s hope and encouragement to be found in God’s Word, specifically First Peter.  And that’s where we join pastor Jeff Johnson today on Sound Doctrine.

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"Because He Lives" Book

Jesus knew all that His death would satisfy.  He also knew that each one of us would have to make a choice!  It’s a frightful thing to die without hope, and be unprepared to face the consequences of living a reckless life.  At the same time, it’s a glorious thing to die in hope of eternal life, and to trust the victory Christ won on the cross when He uttered His final words, “It is Finished!”  This month we’d like to get a timely resource into your hands written by Calvary Chapel Pastors.  It’s a book called, “Because He Lives.”

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