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Sound of Faith

with Sharon Hardy Knotts and R. G. Hardy
At His Feet, Part 1 Wednesday, September 23, 2020
Two sisters, Martha & Mary, lived with their beloved brother Lazarus in Bethany. Good friends of Jesus, He often socialized in their home with His disciples. Every time Mary is mentioned in Scripture, she is sitting at the feet of Jesus, hearing His words; while "Martha Stewart" was always busy cooking & serving. When she complained to Jesus that Mary should come and "help her"-- not trade places with her---Jesus lovingly scolded her: "Mary has chosen the good part, and it shall not be taken from her." There is an unusual twist to Mary's story: Why did Luke say that Martha was "named," but Mary was "called"?

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The Last Blast By Sharon Hardy Knotts

It’s not a brass trumpet, but a shofar—a ram's horn. There are 4 different blasts: One was long, increasing in loudness, the one that sounded on Mt. Sinai when God spoke. God came down, and Moses went up, symbolic of the rapture of the saints. Rabbis say that Satan can’t tell the difference between the shofar & God’s voice. In Revelation, John confirmed God’s voice sounded like a shofar saying, “Come up here” typifying the rapture. Paul called it “the last trump” that will wake up the dead in Christ & summon the living to be caught up together to meet the Lord in the air. It is not the seventh trumpet of Rev. 8 as the “mid-trib” stance claims—meaning the living Church will go through the first half of the Tribulation. We have been delivered from the wrath to come! CD $10 & Free Shipping

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