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Watchman on the Wall

with Southwest Radio Ministries
Jesus and the Spirits of the Watchers: Part 1 Monday, July 22, 2024
Discover the intriguing tale of "Jesus and the Spirits of the Watchers" by Mac Dominick. Uncover the mysterious events between Christ's crucifixion and ascension, delving into His descent to the underworld, His interactions with imprisoned spirits, and the significance of the Watchers from Genesis 6. Dominick's compelling study reveals the deeper meanings of these ancient texts, providing insights into the spiritual battles and divine actions that shaped biblical history.

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The End of the World According to Jesus of Nazareth

Discover the future through the words of Jesus Christ in "The End of the World According to Jesus of Nazareth" with Jeff Kinley. Dive into the Olivet Discourse and understand the key events of the end times: the tribulation, the antichrist, the second coming, and the judgments. Jeff Kinley offers clear, biblical insights, showing how these prophecies are more relevant now than ever, guiding believers and unbelievers alike to live in hope and readiness for Christ's return.

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