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Starting Over Financially

with Miriam Neff
The Gift of Hospitality Thursday, December 3, 2020
Given the disruptive season of Covid, many are tired of being isolated. December is always marked with gatherings. That will be different this year. Yet we hunger for connection. People simply appreciate being together, maybe more than before. You don’t have to compare glamorous decorations. Think simple; think the gift of connection.

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Starting Over Financially - CD

Miriam Neff and Valerie Neff Hogan discuss the challenges money brings when you’re in a difficult situation. Life gets bumpy and money becomes a dreaded word. That’s when you need help the most. With clear, practical, conversational content, Miriam and daughter Valerie are here to help. Whether you face job loss, divorce, the death of a spouse, foreclosure, or health issues, your paycheck has frozen (or shrunk) but your bills have not. You may not have the time or mental energy to tackle what seems like an overwhelming thing—getting a handle on your money. Let us walk with you and help you simplify the process. 

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