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Steve Brown, Etc.

with Steve Brown
Daniel Bush | Still Undefended | Steve Brown, Etc. Sunday, February 25, 2024
That thorn in your flesh? It could be a gift from God. This week, Steve and the gang chat with counselor and author Daniel Bush about how negative experiences can actually bring us closer to the heart of God. The post Daniel Bush | Still Undefended | Steve Brown, Etc. appeared first on Key Life.

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We’re phony, afraid and sinful, and the pressure of keeping it all together is overwhelming. Frankly, it’s killing us and hurting those we love. God always recognizes us. He sees behind the masks we wear and the hidden agendas that drive us. It does no good for you to tell God that you're sick when you're drunk, that you love him when you don't, or that you didn't steal and eat an apple... with apple juice dripping down your chin. So sometimes (not always) we're reasonably honest with God, but it will be a cold day in a hot place before most of us will be fully honest with anybody else. God, of course, isn't that safe, but his job description is love. The rest of the world scares the spit out of us. 

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