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Study the Word

with Pastor Thom Keller
The Last Seven Bowl Judgments Part 1 Saturday, December 2, 2023
The Bible clearly warns against having a hard heart towards God.  How’s your heart these days? Pastor Thom Keller, our Bible teacher, discusses this and other important topics on today’s program of Study the Word.  We are in chapter sixteen of the book of Revelation, and Pastor Thom is teaching on the first of the “Bowl” judgments.

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A Study in the Book of Ruth

The book of Ruth is more than just a God ordained love story, although it is certainly that as well.  It reveals the extent of God’s kindness and grace. He accepted Ruth, once an outcast, into his chosen people, and went on to  honor her by  allowing King David and Jesus to be born of her lineage.  Pastor Thom explores the life of Ruth in his 13 message series entitled, Experience Hope in the Life of Ruth.  Request your copy today, on USB flash drive or CD, for a gift  of $25 or more.

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