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Summit Life

with Pastor J.D. Greear
Making Room for the Greater Things Tuesday, February 23, 2021
What do you think a “blessed life” looks like? Wealth? Health? A happy family? Pastor J.D. describes what it looks like to be blessed by God, and explains how we can make room for him to move in our lives! It’s part of our study of the prophet Elisha titled, “Something Greater.”

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Just like God shaped Elijah to get him battle ready, he wants to shape you—to make you a mighty warrior for his kingdom. And this new study guide will help you do just that! Something Better, Something Greater includes eight short chapters that come with workbook pages to help you flesh out, apply, and pray through what you’re learning. You can complete the study quickly or take your time over a couple of months to work through each section weekly. This study follows very closely with our on-air teaching, so don’t miss getting your copy!

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