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The Alternative

with Dr. Tony Evans
Abraham: The Test of Faith, Part 1 Friday, March 16, 2018
Part of being in school is knowing that there’s always an exam around the corner. Tony Evans explains that the same is true in the Christian life. When testing time comes, find out how you can be ready to put what you really believe into action.

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Heroes of the faith come in all shapes, ages and sizes. Just ask Sarah who became the mother of Israel way past her prime. Or Moses, who went from a basket to a bounty in the Promised Land. Heroes don't dress in sparkly clothes or leap over buildings. No, heroes comes dressed just - like - you, armed with faith and arrayed in hope. Why not get more of what you need to fully live out your heroism on earth through Tony's 12-part sermon series: Heroes of the Faith. Each message comes with tips and insights on how to apply the power of faith to every area of life.

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