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The Bible Study Hour

with Dr. James Boice
Living by Faith Tuesday, June 2, 2020
Habakkuk was deeply troubled over the problem of evil. His book tells his struggles in despair, as the prophet goes to God in prayer, and comes out rejoicing. In studying Habakkuk, you’ll discover answers to some of the most difficult questions that people ask, such as: Is God in charge of history? Why does He allow evil?, How can God be loving if He allows bad things to happen to us? Learn the secret of effective prayer and how to wait for God’s answers through trials.

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Featured Offer from The Bible Study Hour

Abounding Grace (PDF Download)

Christians are saved by grace, but the allure of sin remains a daily reality. After struggling against sin time and again, one might wonder, "Will God's patience wear thin?" Yet while God hates sin, His grace is sufficient to the extreme, and He will neither remove nor reduce His grace because of your sin. In Abounding Grace, James Boice directs us back to this marvelous truth: God saves sinners, and makes His grace to reign in them. 

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