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The Bible Study Hour

with Dr. James Boice
Walking by God's Word Sunday, February 23, 2020
There are many words with which to describe the ways by which men walk. One African language has over 120 verbs to describe our movements. In contrast, the Bible records only a handful of the ways in which a Christian is to move about. Join Dr. James Boice on The Bible Study Hour as he studies the 15th stanza of Psalm 119…and describes how we’re to walk according to God’s Word.

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Why and How to Study the Bible (PDF Download)

"It is not unusual in our day for men and women to have a low view of the Bible." This statement from the opening chapter is just as true today as it was when first written over forty years ago. Schools, workplaces, and even churches are filled with people who don't know (or don't care to know) what God has said in His Word. What's more, there are those who twist and distort the Scriptures, leading millions into false gospels (2 Pt. 3:16). In light of this, James Boice explains why we must turn back to read our Bible, and how we can so faithfully.

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