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The Christians Hour

with Bob Russell, Tim Harlow, Rick Atchley, Ben Cachiaras, Aaron Brockett, and Gene Appel
Get Stil Thursday, March 23, 2023
Is it well with your soul?  For so many of us the honest answer would be “probably not.”  We have accepted as normal, a way of doing life that is “toxic” to our inner being, our souls.  But, Jesus has demonstrated for us an example that shouts “take time to be quiet!”  If it was important enough for Jesus to do it so many times maybe there is good in it for us as well.    This month; Rick Atchley, Senior Pastor of the “Hills Church”, with three campuses across the Dallas / Fort Worth area leads us on a journey to revitalize our Souls.  Many believers exhibit signs that their souls are tired, anxious, joyless.” Rick is unpacking how Jesus offers soul restoration, if we will just learn from Him. So, let’s dial down the distractions to hear what God is trying to tell us; advice from God’s word that though very counter cultural still good for us, you might say very Soul-full…  here’s Rick…

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