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The Official Average Boy Podcast

with Focus on the Family
Official Average Boy Podcast #43 Friday, January 8, 2021
Bob doesn't make any apologies for being so good at apologetics. He displays his ability to make a well-reasoned defense of the Christian faith when he talks to a big kid at the rodeo. By asking questions and sharing what he believes, Bob helps this kid to start thinking about God in a new way. As it turns out, defending our faith is like cheesy potatoes – we shouldn't make up our minds that we don't like it, until we try it.

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Devotions for Super Average Kids, Book 1

These thirty fun-filled devotional readings for kids will encourage them to tell others about Jesus. Boys and girls alike will be inspired through the antics and adventures of "Average Boy," who is Super Average when it comes to loving God and showing others how to do the same Addressing real-life situations, the lessons cover topics like making friends, dealing with backstabbing classmates, getting along with parents and siblings, understanding your changing body, and most importantly, growing your relationship with God.This new repackage of Growing Up Super Average sports a new look and includes additional devotions and features.

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