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The Plugged In Show

with Adam Holz, Johnathan McKee, and Paul Asay
Boundless Answers: Episode 853 Thursday, June 6, 2024
Questions for the Boundless team, plus part two of Joshua Broome’s journey out of the porn industry, and interacting with LGBT coworkers.    Featured musical artist:  Mosaic MSC Roundtable: Your Questions, Our Answers We’re mixing it up on this week’s Roundtable by answering questions you sent to us on a wide variety of topics. Some of what you’ll hear: Is love transactional? How do I move on from a situationship? Can I stay connected to siblings who live far away? Tune in for answers to these questions and more! Leave Us a Voicemail Culture: My Journey Out of the Porn Industry (Part 2)  Joshua Broome was one of the porn industry’s top stars — but he was lonely, depressed, and without purpose. He eventually contemplated suicide, but an encounter with a bank teller put him on a different path. Where he went from there is the substance of his miraculous story. In part two of his testimony, Joshua shares about leaving the sex industry, meeting his future wife, and coming to Christ.           7 Lies That Will Ruin Your Life: What My Journey from Porn Star to Preacher Taught Me About the Truth That Sets Us Free Watch Our Bonus Interview with Joshua Broome Inbox: Your Relationship With LGBT Coworkers As a Christian, how can you interact with and show Christ’s love to coworkers who identify as LGBT? Our friend Jeff Johnston weighs in.   Link to Counseling Services  Find us on YouTube 

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