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The Road to Reality - Weekend

with Dr. K.P. Yohannan
Watch What You Create Saturday, March 16, 2019
Do you find yourself so busy these days you barely have time breathe? Some of us live our lives that way. But today on the Road to Reality, brother K.P. Yohannan encourages us to put on the brakes, get alone with the Lord and be silent! It can do wonders for your spiritual life.

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Featured Offer from The Road to Reality - Weekend

You can help protect a family in Asia from waterborne diseases

Women and children are forced to walk hours a day to distant water sources, such as filthy ponds or lakes, and even then, the water may be contaminated. But the Lord is using Clean Water sources such as Jesus Wells and Bio Sand Water filters profoundly. The water is freely offered to all, regardless of religious or social background. Providing safe, clean water is a practical way to show people how much God loves and cares for them. It also provides opportunities for GFA-supported workers to build stronger relationships with those in their community.

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