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The Road to Reality - Daily

with Dr. K.P. Yohannan
The Price to Become Fishers of Men, Part 2 Tuesday, July 7, 2020
When Jesus chose His small band of followers, He ignored the ruling class, scholars and soldiers. Instead, Jesus chose average working class men including several professional fishers.  In fact, Jesus did much of His work in fishing villages where the call to become a fisher of men would be clearly understood. Peter and company understood that fishing required, purpose, preparation and patience.   Listen to part two of the message, The Price to Become a Fisher of Men!

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Coronavirus (Compassion Services)

As part of everyday life, countless people in India are forced to beg for a rupee or two for food. They gathered by the thousands, in the marketplaces - at the train and bus stations and in the street. But now; there are no trains, no busses, the crowds are gone, the nation is in total lockdown. Now all that remains is desperation. The most immediate danger is not from the coming medical crisis, it's the certainty that unless they can find food and supplies, thousands - even millions will quickly weaken, fall sick and die. Already, we see the start of what we know will only get worse; people young and old, desperately searching for food… And as is always the case, it's the children and elderly who suffer most. 

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