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UNPACKIN' it-Sports Fans Following Jesus

with Bryce Johnson
The Elements of Fear in "The Sandlot" | Summer Movie Series Tuesday, July 9, 2024
In the first podcast of our "Summer Movie Series", Bryce Johnson and guest co-host, Chris Ruppe, unpack The Sandlot...and how this movie’s theme of fear is relevant for us as followers of Jesus.Today's Questions:How can a negative thought life lead to us facing fears as we follow the Lord?What sorts of blessings might we be missing out on because we are paralyzed by fear?How does our fear help to reveal other problems we might have in our walk with Christ?Chapters0:00 Intro 3:38 Chris Ruppe4:38 Chris Ruppe Comedy Special 7:20 "The Sandlot" 12:23 The Elements of Fear in The "Sandlot"17:00 Babe Ruth Dream20:02 Chris's Phobia of Needles 22:45 The Bible on Fear 31:28 Closing Statements 39:09 Outro To check out Chris Ruppe's first standup special, check out Dry Bar Comedy (Use promo code CHRISR to get one month free).Sign up to participate in Fantasy Football Fellowship to bring purpose and meaning to your fantasy league.Check out our newly released book, The Sports Devotional.Learn more about our sponsor, Upward Sports.Visit our website to sign up for our free weekly email devotionals.Become a monthly donor or give a one-time gift to support UNPACKIN' it by going to our Donation Page. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

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