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Thru the Bible - Minute with McGee

with Dr. J. Vernon McGee
Everything God does is right Friday, May 17, 2024
God is no tyrant. God is righteous. God is just. God is holy. And everything that God does, it’s right. Now you may not think so—and I have news for you. If you do not think God is right in what He’s doing today and that He’s not following the best plan, the news I’ve got for you is you are wrong. God is not wrong. You are wrong. And you are the person that needs to get your thinking correct, because if you don’t, you’re out of step with the universe. This universe exists for Him, for His glory, for His purpose.

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Get ready to fight the good fight against legalism in Galatians. When this letter was written, it defended the gospel of Christ from people who wanted to reduce it to rules. Not surprising, Galatians has provided the backbone for several great spiritual revivals around the world. Freedom, we learn, is a serious fight. Allow grace to revolutionize your own life through these seven lessons from Dr. J. Vernon McGee.

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