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Thru the Bible - Questions & Answers

with Dr. J. Vernon McGee
Questions & Answers 3012 Saturday, July 4, 2020
1) Could you explain what you mean when you say criticism is a sin? 2) Why did Jesus not allow certain people to tell others about the healing they received from Him? 3) Can you explain where you can find allusions to Jesus in the book of Ecclesiastes? 4) Dr. McGee explains what he means when he says that believers are Catholic priests. 5) Can someone live without sin? 6) After death and before the resurrection, do we have intermediate bodies? 7) When we forgive do we also have to forget? 8) What is Shekinah Glory? 9) In John 10 Jesus quotes Psalm 82 which calls men gods. Does "gods" in this passage refer to teacher, judge, or prophet? 10) Was it God’s will for David to have many wives and concubines? 11) If someone strays from God does that mean that they were not saved?

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