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Truth For Life

with Alistair Begg
The Mystery of Godliness (Part 1 of 2) Friday, May 26, 2023
In many cultures, it’s becoming increasingly popular to define truth according to what you think or believe in the moment. But find out what the Bible says is true—whether we believe it or not. That’s the focus on Truth For Life with Alistair Begg. 1 Timothy 3:14–16

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How Christianity Transformed the World

By: Sharon James - How Christianity Transformed the World profiles individual Christian men and women whose contributions have benefited education, healthcare, justice, and what we believe about human dignity. Even if you’re not much of a history buff, you’ll find it fascinating to learn about how Christians defended the sanctity of life all the way back in 350 AD.  You’ll also discover that the Magna Cara was based on the biblical views of some of England’s medieval kings. At a time when many would say Christianity has done more harm than good to our world, you'll read about how followers of Jesus have been at the forefront of positive social change for centuries. 

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