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Turning Point

with Dr. David Jeremiah
Selfless Love, Part 2 Monday, February 26, 2024
In the ‘90s, Christians with WWJD wristbands asked themselves, “What Would Jesus Do?” Today, a better question might be: how would Jesus love? Dr. David Jeremiah looks at the self-sacrificing love of Jesus, which Christians are called to live-out.

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The Mediterranean Sea Rules

We often don’t know why God allows storms to disturb the weather patterns of our lives, but we have a Savior who knows how to manage storms and can get us through them. The most vivid description of a storm in Scripture is the typhoon that brings the book of Acts to its climactic close. The Apostle Paul and his companions were caught in a storm of hurricane strength, so fierce and ferocious that all hope for survival vanished. But God had His purposes, and He imparted to Paul an amazing measure of grace that turned the storm into a story for the ages. In The Mediterranean Sea Rules, Robert J. Morgan traces every detail of the voyage and shipwreck of the apostle Paul, drawing out ten lessons that will equip you to come out of stormy weather stronger than ever.

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