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Turning Point

with Dr. David Jeremiah
Stay Convinced, Part 1 Wednesday, April 28, 2021
In a world reeling from a pandemic and near-daily acts of terrorism, we understand how life can change in an instant. How should believers respond? Dr. David Jeremiah shares truths from God’s Word about the importance of living intentionally, not complacently. 

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Featured Offer from Turning Point

Living With Confidence In A Chaotic World

Confidence can be difficult to muster during times like these. But in the midst of chaos, we have a choice to make: Will we focus on our circumstances or the certain hope that will sustain us through troubled days?This timely resource from Dr. David Jeremiah provides a biblical roadmap to navigating uncertain times. It offers ten practical strategies from God’s Word for living a fulfilling and courageous life as we await Christ’s imminent return with a renewed perspective.

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