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Understanding the Times

with Jan Markell
Reviving Our Blessed Hope Saturday, June 8, 2019
Jan Markell spends the first half hour with Dr. Douglas Stauffer. The Rapture of the Church is under attack and particularly the pre-Trib Rapture. Find Stauffer’s book in our store. Hear the two defend it and counter the objections. Then Jan closes with part 4 in her series of “I Never Thought I Would See the Day”.  Find our mobile app at OnePlace.com.

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Featured Offer from Understanding the Times

Tribulation Rising: The Jewish People and the Antichrist

Pastor Billy Crone makes a case that the Tribulation Temple is nearly ready to go and this reveals the lateness of the hour. See this stunning DVD-set essay on how the Jews have eagerly prepared for their third temple. Everything is ready! The process only awaits the arrival of the Antichrist and departure of the Church.

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