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Unlimited Grace

with Bryan Chapell
The Father's Plan, Part 2 Thursday, October 11, 2018
The Bible proclaims that God has loved us before time began—before we were even born and while we were yet sinners! And today on Unlimited Grace, Bryan Chapell encourages us to fully embrace God’s unearned, undeserved, and unlimited grace and love. 

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If your marriage sometimes feels like a struggle of wills …If there’s a battle raging between who’s “in charge” and who’s “at odds” in your family and relationship …Then Grace for Your Marriage is for you. It will help you see “sacrificial love” in a whole new light — and understand the roles God planned for you and your spouse from the very start.-Discover how to love like Christ in your marriage relationship-Learn how to give grace in your marriage — and how to receive it-Understand what the Bible means by “submission,” “authority,” and “oneship” in marriage … and why it’s so importantThis resource helps shape your understanding of the mutual responsibilities — and the rewards! — of marriage.

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