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Unlocking the Bible: Daily Broadcast

with Colin Smith
Why Does Love Matter? Friday, February 26, 2021
It is possible to pour yourself out for God your entire lifeā€¦ and end up with nothing to show for it. Pastor Colin talks about the frightening possibility of worship without love, ministry without love, and sacrifice without love.

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Featured Offer from Unlocking the Bible: Daily Broadcast

You Could Have it All by Geoffrey Thomas

Is it possible for us to learn what life is all about and to receive all we need for a lifetime's enjoyment and fulfillment? Although a life of emptiness and shattering disappointments is all too normal, it is unnatural and need not go on in this way. You could have all that is in the power of the loving kindness of your Creator to give to you, not because you have earned it but simply because God loves you. After all, He is the One who lies behind this unexpected event, that you, who have gone on for years without good thoughts of Jesus Christ, should continue to read these sentences and reconsider what it tells you of how you could have it all.

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