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with Pacific Garden Mission
Program #3596 Tracie Mark - PG Sunday, December 15, 2019
3596 Tracie Mark - PG (Abuse, Alcohol, Drugs, Imprisonment) Neglected and ultimately abandoned by her mother at an early age, Tracie still longed to have a relationship with her. As a teenager, the opportunity to reconnect with her mother was scuttled when Tracie discovered her mother’s lifestyle. An assault by a family friend compounded her pain, leaving her numb and despairing. After years of marriage and children, flashbacks and nightmares started, Tracie turned to alcohol to deal with the anxiety. Divorce and loss of her family followed, so she turned to drugs to ease the pain. Ending up in jail she started attending a bible study and in time, surrendered her life to God. She went on to work in ministry, sharing the transforming power of the gospel with those imprisoned and without hope.

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