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with Pacific Garden Mission
Program 3620 Jim Warren Sunday, May 31, 2020
3620 Jim Warren (Atheism, Divorce, Pride) Jim grew up during the Great Depression and his parents struggled financially. They attended church on and off, and at times, seemed to Jim to be hypocritical. This pushed him away from church and from a young age, he stopped attending. As he grew, so did his vocal atheism. In college, Jim often engaged in “church-bashing” with friends. He majored in psychology, which led him to work as a school counselor. His first marriage was a self-described “train wreck” and it wasn’t until he was older that Jim met his now-wife, Toni. He married her with the ultimatum that they would never attend or discuss church. But at age 69, Jim heard of Jesus’ love through a television preacher and he gave his heart to the Lord. Toni soon followed and they now love church and serve the Lord joyfully.

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