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with Pacific Garden Mission
Program 3629 "Annette" Classic (PG) Sunday, August 2, 2020
3629 “Annette” Classic (PG) (Sexual Abuse, Idolatry, Missions) Annette poured herself into Karate to escape the memories and feelings of her father’s abuse and her mother’s neglect and affairs. Her home situation grew worse when her brother drowned, and she almost did later from her mother’s unattendance. Abuse by a close family friend made it harder to escape the anger inside, and she worked her way to a Karate black belt. Her brother was saved at college and came home and shared, but didn’t know how to lead Annette to salvation, so gave her a bible. She learns her relationship with her boyfriend is sinful, vows to live for the Lord, and is lead to a Godly marriage and missions.

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