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with Pacific Garden Mission
Program 3662 Brenda Franks Sunday, March 21, 2021
3662 Brenda Franks (Divorce, Trauma, Suffering) When Brenda’s dad had an affair, her life changed. She lived with her mom, and her dad disappeared to his new world. But soon after, her mom endured a life-threatening car accident that left her wheelchair bound. Brenda lived with aunts and uncles until her mom was able to care for her and her siblings again. She endured abuse and loneliness as she waited for her immediate family to be reunited. When her dad came back into the picture, she was plunged into a custody battle that her mom eventually won. But then her mom started dating Kelly – an alcoholic and gambler – and they faced even more danger. One night, Brenda and her brother saved their mom from Kelly when he threatened to kill her. But Brenda’s faith in a world beyond this one has carried her through even the darkest time, including her mom’s unexpected death in a house fire.

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