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Watchman Radio Hour

with Alex Dodson
A Biblical Outlook for the Church Saturday, September 14, 2019
Some say there is not much hope for the further advance of the church and its influence in this world in this age. Our task is about done. The mission to reach the world with the gospel is about over and we've done all we can. We can only expect a small remnant of those in the world today to be saved and only a small influence will be had by the gospel on most nations. The world is in decline morally and spiritually and all is headed toward imminent judgement. If this all be true, the 21st century looks very bleak indeed. Yet, is this truly a Biblical outlook for the future of the church and the world? Could it be that the Bible teaches that better days are ahead even in this age? Could it be that the Bible teaches that the church will be victorious in its mission even in this age?

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