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The Winning Walk

with Dr. Ed Young
Is God in control? Part 2 Thursday, April 19, 2018
What’s God really like? Creator of the universe? Healer? Father Figure? In this series Dr. Ed Young studies five of the names of God found in scripture. Deepen your relationship with God as you gain a greater understanding of God’s nature and character.

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New Beginnings

We rely heavily on our eyes. They allow us to see and engage the world around us. But sometimes when our vision gets blurry, it’s hard move forward with confidence. The same is true of a personal relationship with Jesus. When you’re saved, you start seeing yourself and others differently. But if you lose sight of what you know to be true, it’s hard to rest in God’s love and live confidently in your faith. You need to have your lens corrected!Dr. Young discusses this new lens that Christ gives us in his CD series titled New Beginnings. You’ll hear proven truth for how to see God’s love for you more clearly—and discover that He is nearer to you than you could ever imagine.

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