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Wisdom for the Heart

with Dr. Stephen Davey
Death . . . Defeated! Tuesday, April 7, 2020
Some things never get old, do they? Talking about the resurrection is one of them! It is the focal point of the Gospel. Without it there is can be salvation from our sins and no hope of eternal life. It isn't the greatest miracle God has ever performed . . . but it might just be the most important.

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Tied to the Treadmill of Life

King Solomon uses the word “vanity” 37 times in Ecclesiastes, beginning with verse 2 where he uses it five times, emphasizing this original Hebrew word meaning vapor, futility, senselessness, and frustration. In other words, Solomon begins his journal by describing how human lives come and go as the world continues turning. And he warns us that if we keep our gaze “under the sun”—and don’t look to God’s purpose for us—life is indeed a futile vapor.

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