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Wisdom for the Heart

with Dr. Stephen Davey
No Room for Superstars Wednesday, January 15, 2020
Today, Christian celebrities get all the plaudits. Whether they be mega-church leaders, actors, athletes, musicians, or authors, we tend to hold them in higher regard than others. But in this investigation of Paul's inspired words in Philippians 1:27, Stephen warns us to change the way we think.

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Marvel at the Mystery

One phrase that appears 26 times in the Gospel accounts is the phrase, "and they marveled," and this imaginative, poetic journey through the Life of Christ will help you to slow down, ponder the story afresh, and look at the Gospel through childlike eyes of wonder. Marvel at the Mystery is not just a children's book, by the way. With an additional eight pages of behind-the-scenes devotional commentary, including Scriptural references on every page, this book is thought-provoking and imagination-inspiring for people of all ages. Best put, it is a book for the whole family.

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