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Wisdom for the Heart

with Dr. Stephen Davey
Throwing Dice . . . Drawing Straws Thursday, June 27, 2019
Like drawing straws or picking a hand, we sometimes seek God's will like it's a game of chance, don't we? But the tools for discovering God's will are not mystical. So throw the dice away and join Stephen in this message as he give you the proper tools for discovering the will of God.

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Featured Offer from Wisdom for the Heart

The Song: Compositions of King David, Volume 1 (CD)

There is no doubt why King David was the greatest hymn writer of all time. While his songs are inspired by God, they are also deeply personal, introspective, honest, and profoundly humble.  In this series, Stephen takes us on a riveting behind-the-scenes look at some of David’s most beloved compositions, and he reminds us that some of our brightest songs are borne out of the darkest places.

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