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You Think About That

with Steve Brown
Setting Captives Free Tuesday, May 30, 2023
You’ll never see a slave recruiting other slaves… but Christians keep trying. The post Setting Captives Free appeared first on Key Life.

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A booklet with excerpts from Steve’s new book, Laughter and Lament: The Radical Freedom of Joy & Sorrow. Topics include… The Bible is a Crazy Book—After all, it’s from God. But there is probably no place in the Bible that seems crazier than its teaching about triumph and tragedy, joy and tears, and laughter and lament. Authenticity: Where We Meet God—God’s gift to his people is the freedom to be real when it hurts deeply and when we laugh at a good joke and dance at a fun party. The Sisters of Repentance and Lament—At the heart of lament is our helplessness. What it means to repent (you may be surprised). Control: The Mother of All Addictions—The addiction to control is the reason we lament so little and laugh even less. Both can get out of control. And Free at Last—We are free from the ugly sisters of dread, guilt, and shame. We are truly free at last.

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