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Your Biggest Breakthrough

with Wendie Pett and Todd Isberner
Episode 30: The Chrisagis Brothers, Twins Who Escape Death, Share Laughter With Millions and Inspire Faith With Hollywood Elite Tuesday, April 27, 2021
"She'd give the twelve apostles a run for their money." This was spoken in reference to the mother of Shawn and Brian Chrisagis, who absolutely refused to accept that her twin boys, born three months premature, and deathly allergic to even small amounts of sunlight, would not be given every opportunity to survive. The Brothers Chrisagis did indeed survive their childhood, which was lived in constant fear of death. Family members made tremendous sacrifices so that they could be properly cared for. Surviving this ordeal gave Brian and Shawn confidence and faith in God and His Word that inspires thousands through their entertainment-based ministry. As they say, "Without the brokenness, you can't become like Christ." Their ministry has delighted audiences all over the world, and has opened doors to minister to heavyweights in the entertainment industry. Their message to us is that you don't need to be a megastar to be a witness for Jesus. You just need faith through your trials and brokenness to move others to Him. In our conversation with the Chrisagis Brothers, you'll hear: -Bubble babies: narrowly escaping death as infants...4:35 -Mom refuses to accept a seemingly certain fate for her children...9:20 -Finally allowed exposure to sunlight and windows...14:20 -What family life was like with two babies in need of constant intensive care...18:25 -Identify your children with the word of God, not their interests, personality, etc...24:25 -Restoring legends of the entertainment industry...30:35 -Me, myself, and I: What's preventing Christians from making an impact in this world...35:45 -Social media a catalyst to hyper-narcissism and a perversion of truth...39:35 -The blessings of remaining single...43:30 -Close encounters with law enforcement in rabbit and Santa Claus outfits...47:30 Resources mentioned: -http://chrisagisbrothersministries.org (Chrisagis Brothers website) -https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPOEJRZ3i6rtXSrupvWitpg (YouTube channel) To learn more about Wendie and her Visibly Fit program, visit wendiepett.com To find out more about Todd and his coaching program for men, find him on the web at toddisberner.com. All the links you need to subscribe to the podcast are at both our websites! And if you feel so inclined, we'd be honored if you were to leave a rating and review of our show. It definitely helps with us being more visible to more people. And if we like it, we might just read your review on the podcast! Support this podcast

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