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Your Biggest Breakthrough

with Wendie Pett and Todd Isberner
When Apologizing is Unattractive, Floating Luck, and Proactively Choosing Joy with Dawn Barton Tuesday, March 30, 2021
What is an "ugly cry"? Well, there's crying, either with joy or sorrow - and then there's crying so that you're just plain ugly. The make-up (if you use it) is streaking, you're bawling uncontrollable. It's messy any way you look at it. Dawn Barton has had plenty of occasion to cry the ugly cry. Loss of an infant child, with a subsequent divorce, then later getting breast cancer forcing her to lose much of the traits she valued, without which she felt a shell of herself. Dawn had to wrestle with feelings of anger toward her maker, not to mention inadequacy and feeling just plain ugly, whether she was crying or not. She realized that joy isn't a feeling, it's a focus. When she focused on being joyful, she saw things with a different perspective. That which made her feel ugly was reason to be grateful for her life. Now she shares her story with audiences all over, including those lucky enough to catch this episode of our show! In our conversation with Dawn, you'll hear: -Joy is a focus before a feeling...5:05 -God can handle us being angry with him...6:45 -Dawn's marriage couldn't survive tragedy...10:30 -Advice for people to fix their anger problem with God...12:45 -Dealing with breast cancer...14:30 -Good and bad advice...17:30 -Leaving a lucrative career to write a book...20:00 -Who's Lucky, and why did Dawn hate it?...26:30 -Why people feels sorry for people who have never dealt with tragedy...32:45 -3 things on Dawn's "Joy List"...35:55 -One thing that prevents people from choosing joy...38:05 About Dawn, who you can find at dawnbarton.com A multibillion-dollar direct sales company put Dawn on their Times Square billboard in the summer of 2018. In Dawn's thirty years of sales and marketing, she has been a top producer at every company she's worked for. Most recently, she was the #7 Sales Director in Mary Kay Cosmetics, when she took a leap of faith and left it all to write her first book, https://amzn.to/31tzGV6 (Laughing Through the Ugly Cry). Dawn has been a public speaker for more than ten years, giving talks about cancer, joy, female empowerment, and direct sales. When she's not encouraging other women to find joy and humor in even the most difficult of circumstances, you can find her living happily ever after in Cantonment, FL with her husband, daughter, parents, mother-in-law, two horses, four dogs, and three cats (the pear tree has been inspected with no partridges in sight.) Support this podcast

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