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Bible Answers Live

with Doug Batchelor
Just a Little Longer ENCORE Sunday, November 27, 2022
“The angel said to them, '... ye must die that ye may live.  Get ready, get ready, get ready... Sacrifice all to God.  Lay all upon His altar—self, property, and all, a living sacrifice.  It will take all to enter glory,'” (Mar, 98).  When we look at ourselves in the mirror of God's law, we will see what could cost us eternity.  It is time to get ready !  Let us recommit our lives !... it won't be long.  Are you a lukewarm Christian ?  Do you feel the need to be re-baptized ?  But what about the "once saved, always saved" theory ?  And is it time yet to leave the cities into the countryside ?  Open your Bible with us as we look to God together for all of these answers and more.  

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