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Bible Answers Live

with Doug Batchelor
You Live Inside Sunday, February 4, 2024
Success should be defined by our faithfulness and obedience to the Lord.  Success will be defined when the forthcoming events prove whether our hearts were of stone or of flesh.  "We do not belong to Christ unless we are His wholly.  The effort to serve both self and Christ makes one a stony-ground hearer, and he will not endure when the test comes upon him," (COL, 50).  Let us allow our Rock and our Salvation to work in us, to write His name and His law inside, to live inside so that the language of the soul may be, "Lord, take my heart; for I cannot give it.  Keep it pure.  Save me in spite of myself, my weak, unchristlike self," (COL, 159).  Only with His strength will we endure the length of the Great Tribulation.  Only with His heart will we keep the Ten Commandments, and only with His guidance will we be born again.  Join us now to study more about these and other topics.

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