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The Boundless Show

with Lisa Anderson
Successful Setups: Episode 836 Thursday, February 8, 2024
Help your married friends set you up, plus how to read the news with discernment, and thoughts on dating couples doing devotions together.   Featured musical artist: JJ Heller  Roundtable: Your Role in Being Set Up It’s flattering when friends and family try to set you up. It can lead to a happy and successful dating relationship — or even marriage. At other times, it can lead to awkwardness and strained friendships. Our guests share their perspectives on the dos and don’ts of successful setups. With funny stories and practical takeaways, this conversation will give you tools to make your dating journey smoother and more fun.                   Leave Us a Voicemail Culture: How to Navigate the News Today’s news is littered with bias. Everyone has an agenda, and it’s hard to separate the facts from opinion, interpretation, and flat-out manipulation. How can we determine what’s actual news and ensure we’re getting all sides of a story? Paul Batura and Gary Schneeberger are both communications pros and news junkies, having worked in radio, newspapers, public relations and beyond. They’ll share their best tips for practicing discernment when taking in headlines and commentary from around the world.       A Practical Guide to Culture: Helping the Next Generation Navigate Today’s World  Link to Daily Citizen Inbox: Doing Devotions as a Couple You and your boyfriend or girlfriend want to encourage growth in each other’s relationship with God, but should that involve praying and studying Scripture together? Counselor Glenn Lutjens weighs in.

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