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The Boundless Show

with Lisa Anderson
The Beauty Of Spring: Episode 843 Thursday, March 28, 2024
Unique ways to enjoy spring, plus trusting God with your vocational dreams, and why should we pray if God’s plan will happen anyway?     Featured musical artist: Hollyn  Roundtable: Spring is Here! What’s your favorite part about spring? For some, it’s the warm weather; for others it may be flowers blooming, spring activities or something else. This week we gather around the table to share why we love this time of year, what we look forward to, and what common and unique activities might inspire you to make the most of spring.         Leave Us a Voicemail Culture: Making Sense of Your Big Dreams Are your dreams big enough? Maybe you have big dreams but are afraid to admit them. You want to follow God anywhere, use your talents and passions, and see lives changed — but what about being comfortable? What about family? What about earning a paycheck and building your 401K? Wai Jia Tam felt the call as a teenager to help underserved children around the world. She also wanted to be a doctor, earn money and please her parents. She shares her incredible story of how God unfolded and enabled her dream one step at a time. God has used Wai Jia in ways she never imagined, and her encouragement to us is to never underestimate what God can do to move us for His purposes and kingdom.        Dream Brave: A Dare to Live by Faith When You Feel Too Small Find Wai Jia’s Website Wai Jia’s Instagram Articles by Wai Jia Tam Inbox: Why Pray if God’s in Control? We know that God is sovereign and His plans will prevail. If that’s the case, why should we pray? Counselor Jerry Jones weighs in.      

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