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The Boundless Show

with Lisa Anderson
Toxic Masculinity: Episode 842 Thursday, March 21, 2024
How to maximize your weekends, plus Nancy Pearcey talks toxic masculinity, and should you tell a guy at church you want him to ask you out?   Featured musical artist: Kerrie Roberts   Roundtable: Ready for the Weekend!   We all look forward to the weekend, but how should we make the best use of our time and freedom? Our guests share what they love about Saturdays and Sundays, plus a few helpful ideas for prioritizing and managing our time, and common pitfalls to avoid that can gobble up precious hours and leave us feeling unproductive.           Leave Us a Voicemail   Culture: The Truth About Toxic Masculinity   Men today hear cultural messages on what it means to be a man: make lots of money, drive a nice car, date a beautiful girl; in short, be powerful and successful. But these things are self-driven and the opposite of what God calls masculinity: leading selflessly; protecting, providing for, and serving others. Professor Nancy Pearcey is a well-known researcher and writer on this topic, and joins us to separate the truth from the lies when it comes to appropriate manifestations of manhood in our families, churches and communities.       The Toxic War on Masculinity: How Christianity Reconciles the Sexes   Find Nancy’s Website   Inbox: Should I Tell Him I Like Him?    She’s known a guy at her church for two years and has hung out with him socially many times. She really wants him to ask her out, so is it time to admit her feelings? Lisa Anderson weighs in.         Boundless Episode: I’ll Ask You Out If…: Episode 138   Boundless Article: Is it OK for a woman to ask out a man?

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