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Proclaiming Justice with Laurie Cardoza Moore

with Laurie Cardoza Moore
Taking Back America's Children (TBAC), Part 3 - the latest "Proclaiming Justice" podcast Thursday, January 26, 2023
On this week's podcast, we dive deeper into our conversation surrounding PJTN's Taking Back America's Children (TBAC) initiative, and we welcome our guest, Tina Griffin, a former Hollywood actress, pop culture expert and host of The Counter Culture Mom Show. Tina left her Wisconsin dairy farm and headed to Hollywood at the age of 20 to earn a BA in Film and TV from UCLA. She has traveled globally for the past 21 years delivering her eye-opening show, Hollywood Exposed, explaining the real agenda behind the entertainment industry and its negative impact on the foundational development of today’s youth. Tina will be a featured speaker at our upcoming TBAC Summit in Franklin, TN, Sunday, January 29.

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