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Reframing Ministries

with Colleen Swindoll Thompson
How to Overcome Recurring Cycles of Victory and Defeat Thursday, May 11, 2023
Amy Perry is a member of the multi–Dove-award-winning trio Selah. One of the most beloved groups in Christian music, Selah has garnered more than 750 million streams and sold over 4 million albums. Despite the accolades, fame, and red-carpet moments, Amy has had a lifelong struggle with weight and self-image issues. Bitterness from childhood bullying kept her spiraling until Jesus began to touch the deepest places of her heart. In this episode, Colleen Swindoll-Thompson and Amy Perry have a vulnerable conversation about her healing journey. Listen in to learn:   *The effect of trauma and spiritual strongholds on our everyday habits   *How Satan uses shame to keep us in a cycle   *Why we aren’t pathetic for relapsing, just broken   *The most common turning point to healing   *What we need to do to stay victorious If you find yourself in a recurring cycle of victory and defeat, we pray that this episode speaks transformational truth to your soul. SHOW NOTES To find out more about Amy Perry, the trio Selah, and their uplifting harmonies, new songs, and updated takes on the most-loved hymns, go to their website www.selahonline.com.

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