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Reframing Ministries

with Colleen Swindoll Thompson
The Secrets Surrounding Us: A Journey of Freedom from Human Trafficking and Ritual Abuse Thursday, February 8, 2024
The evil that is in this world is incomprehensible. For many of us, our bubble has kept us unaware of the darkness that others have had to deal with. Yet, more and more people have gotten free, been on a healing journey, and are sharing with others. One such person is Tee Jay Henderson, a wife, mom, Nebraska Rancher, ministry leader, and seeker of truth. Join Colleen Swindoll Thompson and Tee Jay as they dive into her journey to freedom from human trafficking and ritual abuse. Listen in to learn: * About the phone call that sparked repressed memories * How our mind can fragment to hold trauma * Methods of healing * Hope for those who are healing from darkness SHOW NOTES: We pray this episode gives you a glimpse into how to heal from darkness and find the hope we have in Jesus. To learn more about Tee Jay Henderson and her book Becoming Untethered: Exposing the Dark Agenda with God’s Truth, visit her website, teejayhenderson.com.

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When Life Isn't Fair: What They Didn't Tell Us in Sunday School

In When Life Isn't Fair: What They Didn't Tell Us in Sunday School, Colleen Swindoll Thompson weaves together biblical truth, practicality, and her own growth experiences as a mother of a son with special needs. She writes with raw honesty about her personal crisis of faith as well as the hardship and humor that come with learning to trust God through difficult times.

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