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Watchman on the Wall

with Southwest Radio Ministries
Replacement Theology Friday, March 1, 2024
Larry Spargimino with Douglas Stauffer What is replacement theology? Who are the proponents of it and what are its weaknesses? How does ignoring the teachings of the Bible on eschatology lead to doctrinal and practical errors?

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Replacement Theology

God has given man the Bible, yet the scriptures are debated with more vigor and less agreement today than in any previous generation. The resultant widespread error propagated by churches and cults has compelled the republication of this highly acclaimed title. One Book Rightly Divided addresses many difficult and confusing questions, such as: When did the New Testament begin? Some say immediately following Malachi (Matthew 1:1); others adamantly proclaim not until after Christ’s death (Hebrews 9:17). What happened to the souls of those in the Old Testament of whom it was said that God’s Spirit departed from them (1 Samuel 16:14; Psalm 51:11)? What is the purpose of water baptism? Some teach that water baptism brings salvation (Acts 2:38); others teach that water baptism simply illustrates salvation, while yet others teach that water baptism serves no purpose in the present age.The answers to these important questions serve as the tip of the iceberg with which the reader will become familiar in this work. In fact, One Book Rightly Divided, with its 6,745 Bible references, will enable the diligent student to answer the critic and solve his own personal uncertainties concerning difficult passages from God’s word.

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