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Watchman on the Wall

with Southwest Radio Ministries
Rise of the One-World Mind Part 1 Monday, February 26, 2024
Larry Spargimino and Josh Davis discuss classic brainwashing and terms that are used to move and manipulate the general population to accept globalism. Learn how the world is being deceived and led to accept the so-called "benefits" of globalism. Rise of the One-World Mind offers ways to help you thrive under the threat of globalism.

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Rise of the One-World Mind

Thousands of years ago, the Bible prophesied the Antichrist’s global agenda for the end times. The prophesied one-world government, economy, and worship mindsets are taking root across the world. The stage is being set for the biblical end-times scenario. Unmasking the agendas at work in our world seems intimidating. Fear threatens us into silent submission. Guilt trips trick our emotions to get on board with the global agenda. However, we do not need to be scared or intimidated. More than merely listing the problems with the one-world mind, this book seeks to offer solutions.

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