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Watchman on the Wall

with Southwest Radio Ministries
The Portal to the Abyss #1 Tuesday, May 28, 2024
Delve into spiritual warfare truths with Mac Dominick and Micah Van Huss. Mac reveals the secrets of the Spirits of the Watchers and Jesus as the Gatekeeper, shedding light on events post-crucifixion. Explore Genesis 1-11's significance and the Tower of Babel rebellion. Grasp the deep-rooted conflicts and ultimate victory over ancient evils. Don't miss this chance to uncover Bible mysteries and gain transformative insights into spiritual battles shaping our faith.

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Deliver Us From Evil

Step into the ancient battle between good and evil. Uncover the significant impact of the Tower of Babel, where humanity’s rebellion led to the rise of spiritual darkness and the alienation from God. Journey through the critical first chapters of Genesis to understand the spiritual significance of these events and their lasting effects on humanity. Witness how ultimate redemption and victory through Jesus Christ will come, but not without enduring the consequences of sin and rebellion.

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