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The Christian Worldview

with David Wheaton
Road Trip to Creation Museum and Ark Encounter Saturday, July 20, 2024
Send us a Text Message.GUEST: KEN HAM, CEO and Co-Founder, Answers in GenesisWe just returned to Minnesota after a road trip to northern Kentucky near Cincinnati, Ohio to visit the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter, both of which are Bible-based, gospel-proclaiming theme parks owned and operated by Answers in Genesis.Later in this weekend’s program, Ken Ham, co-founder and CEO of Answers in Genesis, will join us to recount the history of God’s guiding hand in how these two attractions came to be and why the early chapters of Genesis are foundational to…well, everything.While on this trip, we watched in horror, like many of you, at the assassination attempt on former President Trump at a campaign event in western Pennsylvania on Saturday, July 13. The God who “is sovereign over all”, including speeding bullets, chose to direct the bullet away from Trump’s head by a mere quarter inch, wounding his ear instead. Positioned in the line of fire was Corey Comperatore, a husband and father and reportedly a Christ-follower, who took a bullet and was brought home to heaven. Two others were wounded.With US Secret Service and other law enforcement officers on site, it begs the question how the 20-year-old shooter was able to climb a ladder to the rooftop of a building just 160 yards away from Trump. Even more perplexing was how security allowed Trump on stage after being suspicious of the man hours earlier and rally-goers informing security about a man with a rifle on the roof minutes before shots rang out.I can see only two explanations for how this took place: either the Secret Service agency is unbelievably incompetent or someone (or several) with the governmental agency were intentionally attempting to assassinate former President Trump.We’ll provide some reported details in the opening of the program and you can come to your own conclusion.-----------------Visit the Creation Museum and Ark Encounter - learn more or purchase tickets!

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