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The Christians Hour

with Bob Russell, Tim Harlow, Rick Atchley, Ben Cachiaras, Aaron Brockett, and Gene Appel
A Reason to Live Thursday, April 18, 2024
Want to believe our lives have purpose?  Many years ago the Apostle Peter wrote a book about the Life driven by purpose.  You don’t discover the meaning of your life looking within yourself or indulging in pleasure.  You must begin with God, your creator.  You were made by God and for God.  And until we understand this, life doesn’t make sense…  We were made to last forever!   This series of messages, taken from the Bible’s book of 1 Peter, is entitled “Finding Your Way in a “Whatever” World.  And the series was shared by Bob Russell during his 40-year ministry with Southeast Christian Church.  Southeast, one of the largest churches in America is located in Louisville, Kentucky.    So, trying to get a fix on the meaning, the purpose of life:  Here’s Bob Russell with a lesson on God’s eternal purpose for our lives; more than just a reason to get out of bed in the morning, our ultimate reason for living, our reason for “Hope”!

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