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The Christians Hour

with Bob Russell, Tim Harlow, Rick Atchley, Ben Cachiaras, Aaron Brockett, and Gene Appel
God Makes Surprise Announcements Thursday, March 14, 2024
Have you ever thought about how in this world we are bound by rules?  Rules of physics, rules of order, rules of law.  Have you ever considered how belief in God, in Jesus His Son, belief in heaven, in eternity is totally outside all of those rules of reality?  So, God speaking to us is truly out of the box thinking!   This month Rick Atchley, lead minister with The Hills Church and her multiple campuses, is leading us in a series of messages that demand “out of the box” thinking: “It is Good to Hear Your Voice”.  In fact, in today’s message; “God Makes Surprise Announcements”, Rick unpacks how God want you to hear from Him because you are dear to Him.     So with a whole new realm of possibilities for a life that touches the “Supernatural” when God speaks to us, here’s Rick….

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